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Books - That is exactly how they work

20th weekly award Books

JoAnn before 1526 d. Reply        #17
Nuotraukos nėra
I would love one of these. Prefer it without the "f" word. Maybe a spray can squirt to cover most of it?
Chris Cheng before 2535 d. Reply        #16
Nuotraukos nėra
Alba before 2549 d. Reply        #15
Alba's photo
J. Anthony Carter before 2579 d. Reply        #14
Nuotraukos nėra
The, uh, gist of the caption is that reading books raises you above the every day filth and degradation and allows your mind to soar. Wandering kingdoms and dimensions, worlds and places you can't possibly visit or experience in real life.
I've read ever since learning how. It's been the single most powerful force in and on my life and I'd not only recommend it but require it for every human being alive! There's nothing that comes close.
Ry before 2603 d. Reply        #13
Nuotraukos nėra
I don't know about full poster-size, but a smaller poster size would be freaking awesome.
Carrie before 2631 d. Reply        #12
Nuotraukos nėra
Seems legit.
ArtHeart before 2632 d. Reply        #11
Nuotraukos nėra
google image the title of the painting "books this is exactly how they work" and you can save the image and print it and what not.
TheSame before 2639 d. Reply        #10
Nuotraukos nėra
I think a more succinct caption would read, "BOOKS: No, not literally."
Anon before 2667 d. Reply        #9
Nuotraukos nėra
Want to buy one or two as well. Where do I find this poster on sale?
JohnD before 2669 d. Reply        #8
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broipm slivmnn kjsslipd~
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