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"Pretend not to look" look - The easiest way to single out married men

"Pretend not to look" look

K9ish before 3590 d. Reply        #17
Nuotraukos nėra
Not ALL women enjoy being looked over. Some will say why don't you take a picture? Others, will try to hide what they think you are staring at. I find looking at the opposite sex to be disheartening. Still, I just cannot help myself when there is a beautiful woman near my eyes just automaticly lock on. To those that are offened I am sorry, I mean no disrespect, my eyes have a social problem when it comes to beautiful women. When my partner is around I try my best to not be so obvious. Yes, out of respect for her feelings, I look away. There will be other times I can look but not touch.
Chuks before 3606 d. Reply        #16
Nuotraukos nėra
Wach vido
Gabril before 3627 d. Reply        #15
Nuotraukos nėra
hey Rain! lots of Blabblablablab...
Miamia65 before 3628 d. Reply        #14
Nuotraukos nėra
come on you know you wan tto lokk at this Hot Blonde dancing infront of you :)
josh before 3632 d. Reply        #13
Nuotraukos nėra
#10 Women should not degrade themselves by telling other women how to dress and act. It is every womens right to act as they please. If another woman hates it, they should look away and stop worrying their husband is checking them out. GET OVER YOUR INSECURITIES!!!
Anonymous before 3650 d. Reply        #12
Nuotraukos nėra
Bill, some people who are of the oppisite gender do not wish to be stared at. In-fact some go out of their way to be avoided looked at in such a manner. Some woman want to be looked at, but not all wish to be looked at in a sexual manner.
Robin before 3651 d. Reply        #11
Nuotraukos nėra
@Sarah: Ahhhhh hahahahahahahahaha!!!! Wow...small minded much???
Sarah before 3653 d. Reply        #10
Nuotraukos nėra
Women should not degrade themselves and act slutty, it just gives guys the temptation. Sexual ways should be left for the bedroom and kept a secret til then.
Bill before 3654 d. Reply        #9
Nuotraukos nėra
Why do people act so repressed? Women want to be looked at and we all know it? How do you think we make the next generation?
J.D. before 3656 d. Reply        #8
Nuotraukos nėra
Dont Look??? But thats what they are there for
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